16Aug 2017
Indian concept that made big in global market_ Shine Consultancy _overseas education_ study abroad_ coaching_ ielts_ gre_gmat_sat_ pte_ toefl_ borivali

Indian Concept That have Made Big in Global Market. It is not just people, but thoughts and ideologies that go overseas. They are like pollens stuck on the shreds of their minds and they shed it wherever they find their permanent shelters. Here are some authentically Indian concepts that are widespread overseas. Low-flame cooking. Low-flame […]

09Aug 2017
Recipes - shine consultancy- study abroad- overseas education- ielts- pte - toefl- gre- gmat - sat - coaching - borivali

Recipes For Indian Student Traveling Overseas. As an immigrant student, managing finances and finding good quality food can be quite a task. Here are a few simple recipes that have low-cost ingredients and are really easy to make. 1) Curd Rice: Ingredients:  250 gmwhite rice, 250 gm yogurt, 5 gm green chillies, chopped,5 gm coriander […]

02Aug 2017
home v/s hotel_ shine consultancy _ study abroad_ overseas education _ ielts_pte_ toefl_ gre _ Gmat

Home Stay V/S Hotel Stay. Apps like Air Bnb and Couch surfing have now broken the market share for many hoteliers across the Globe. When the concept of backpacking trips was introduced, it made a great change in how people looked at traveling. Travel no longer remained an expensive, well-planned experience. It transformed into an […]

26Jul 2017
Task to complete before you leave_ shine consultancy_ study abroad_ overseas education_ coaching center_ ielts_ gre_gmat_sat_pte

Task To Complete Before You Leave.   There are several tasks that you must finish before you finally shift overseas. Here is a check list of errands you must run 90 days before you leave overseas. Make sure you complete them. The following list is applicable to both, immigrants and students.   Book your flight […]

19Jul 2017
Pre tips for the day of flying- Study abroad- Shine Consultancy - overseas education

Pre Tips For The Day Of Flying. Here are a few tasks you must undertake before the day of flight arrives. You certainly do not want to get late or miss your flight and hence these preparations would give you a smooth sailing journey. Prebook your cab. If you have nobody dropping you off, you […]

12Jul 2017
Documents required for visa_ shine consultancy_ study abroad

Documents Required For Visa. A lot of times people applying for the student visa, tend to forget the important must-haves when they are applying. Here are a few documents that you must collect when you commence your journey. A valid passport. A valid passport, states your citizenship and nationality. It is an important Identification proof […]

28Jun 2017
saving sally cover_ Shine consultancy _ study abroad_ overseaseducation

Life-Saving Skills You Must Learn Before You Go Overseas.   Living away from home can be quite tough provided you learn these life-saving skills. Learning these skills can ease your living and settle overseas. Take a look! 1) Cooking.   IT IS A MUST. You might not always get preferred food and tastes when you […]

31May 2017
Dress code_ Shine Consultancy_ study abroad_ visa_ interview

DRESS CODE FOR VISA INTERVIEW Confused about which attire to pick? Well, for a visa interview there is just one strict information for dressing- FORMALS. There are no other questions asked. Yet, we live in a generation that refers to quirk as its middle name.  We can always add style and variations in whatever we […]

24May 2017
Application that will help you overseas_ shine Consultancy _ study abroad

Application that will be helpful overseas Technology has come really handy to us in a lot of ways. We can do almost anything using our mobile phones. World is just a tap away. Here are a few apps which shall help you mend your ways and add ease and convenience when you are trying to […]

17May 2017

What is TOEFL? How to clear it. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is essentially divided into four sections and aims to test the students on their efficiency at English language skills, namely Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. Here are the ways in which you can easily sail through the examination. Reading For […]

10May 2017
ACT_ Study abroad _ overseas education_ Shine consultancy

What is ACT? How to clear it? The ACT college readiness assessment is a standardized test for high school achievement and college admissions in the United States.  Over 1.84 million high school graduates took up this test to get into various colleges in the United States and Canada. Colleges that offer various Under Graduate programmes in […]

03May 2017
GRE _ Shine Consultancy_ Study abroad_ overseas education

How to clear GRE? Graduate Record Examinations or GRE is a standardised test conducted by ETS (Educational Testing Services). ETS GRE scores are accepted by most of the graduate level schools for master’s degree programs. It is highly important for you to score well in the examination if you are looking for a master’s degree […]

26Apr 2017
GMAT_Shine Consultancy_ Study abroad _ overseas education

What is GMAT? How to prepare for GMAT? GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a 3½-hour standardized exam that predicts the eligibility of a student to get into a business management program overseas. It is used as a standard at almost every business school in the USA and other countries. It evaluates all the parts of […]

19Apr 2017
SAT_Study abroad_overseas education_ Shine Consultancy

What is SAT? How to clear it       SAT or Scholastic Aptitude tests are widely used as a standard for higher studies in many universities abroad. Over 1.69 million high school graduates in the class of 2015 took this examination. Right after your schooling, this test provides you a better exposure and utilization […]

12Apr 2017
More encouragement to artistic students_Shine Consultancy_ Study abroad

Why is overseas education better for the artist in you Studying abroad gives flight to the artistic sides of your personality. Here is a blog that lists reasons why overseas education nurtures your artistic instincts and brings out your talents and nourishes your effective communication skills.   1) Almost every college has various clubs. Student […]

05Apr 2017
IELTS_PTE_ Shine Consultancy_ Study abroadMPUTER

IELTS V/S PTE IELTS AND PTE are the examinations that test your English proficiency and a good score in those give you an impactful resume during the visa interviews. However, there is a major difference between the two.  Many students do not prepare for either of them if they have studied one of them.  Here […]

29Mar 2017
Intellectual Community_ Shine Consultancy_ Study abroad

INTELLECTUAL COMMUNITY It is not easy to find like-minded people, everywhere you go. However, people across the globe are making sincere efforts to get the like-minded people together and work towards the betterment of humanity. 1) Mensa Intellectual Community Mensa Intellectual Community gathers the world’s 2% population who have the gifted IQ score of 140 […]

22Mar 2017
PTE_ Study abroad_ Shine consultancy_ Overseas education

How to get good score in PTE. Here are some smart and practical tips through which you can receive a good score in the PTE examination and create an impactful resume for your visa interviews. Divide your time equally Devote your equal time and attention to each of the four parameters and have a general […]

15Mar 2017
ielts_shine consultancy_ study abroad _ overseaseducation

Writing Tips for IELTS   Analyse each task properly and spend some time making notes This happens to be the most important task when it comes to preparing for IELTS. Read the question carefully and understand what it demands in your answer sheets. Make note of every different type of question that you come across […]

08Mar 2017
Culture Of Humanity_Shine Consultancy_ Study abroad

How Our Culture Teaches Us Humility. Our culture teaches us humility, peace and integrity. In many ways we are the most benevolent and welcoming race of people. It is quite essential to carry this tradition forward when we travel overseas. Here is a small list of ways in which our cultural roots will help us […]

01Mar 2017
Health tips _ Shine Consultancy _ Overseas education

HEALTH TIP   When you travel overseas, you encounter a very different climate and atmosphere around you. Such vast atmospheric changes can cause multiple health problems. Away from India’s nourishing winds this little article shall help you to take better care of your health overseas. 1) Vaccinate It is very necessary for you to vaccinate […]

22Feb 2017
5 language training institute_ study abroad _ shine consultancy

5 Language Training Institutes   When you shift to a nation for expertise, language barrier might be quite a problem. If you are shifting overseas for a better work environment or already work in a multinational company then knowing the language of that country accelerates your pay and progress. Here is a list of the […]

15Feb 2017
Financial Aids for education in the States_Shine consultancy

Institute That Gives Financial Aid In States   Many bright students don’t necessarily come from a financially sound background. Many genius minds around the world have hailed from very humble backgrounds. Any deserving student must get access to a great quality of education. Expenses of studying in USA can be minimum 20 Lakh INRs per […]

08Feb 2017
Visa interview_study abroad_ shine consultancy

Dos and Don’ts of Visa Interviews  Visa interviews are the most essential parts of overseas education procedures. If everything else is errorless and perfect but this particular portion of the procedure is not handled with care then the entire careful procedure and the money you spent on it shall go waste. Here is a little […]