06Dec 2017
places every student must visit in usa- study abroad- overseas- education - shine consultancy- ielts coaching- pte- toefl coachin

Places An International Student Must Visit In States. Feeling worked up with end sem assignments? Here are a few places that you must visit in The States, for some rest and recreation. New York City With more than 8 million inhabitants, NYC is the biggest city in the United States and should see for any […]

15Nov 2017
Phrases to be learned before going France - shine Consultancy - overseas education- study abroad - borivali - Study abroad consultancy in borivali- ielts training in borivali- pte training in borivali - toefl training in borivali

French Phrases You Must Know Before You Travel. The common belief that French people are generally rude is untrue. The fact is that they are a loving and humble bunch of individuals that welcome tourists equivalent to their population, every year. French Universities would help you finish off with your education at lower rates, than […]

08Nov 2017
Why to do MBA- Shine consultancy - study abroad- overseas education - ielts coaching- pte coaching - toefl coaching - study abroad agency in borivali

Why DO MBA? Master’s In Business Administration is not as glamorous as it sounds. It takes a great deal of efforts, years of hard work and dedication helps you achieve that particular degree you are aiming for. However, all the hard work and toil is worthwhile. Here are a few reasons that would tell you […]

01Nov 2017
Packing tips for a year of abroad- Shine Consultancy- study abroad - overseas education - ielts coaching -gre- coaching - gmat- coaching sat- coaching- pte coaching - toefl coaching- coaching center in borivali

What To Pack For A Year Abroad. Multiple times we have encountered the question that what and how to pack our luggage in such a way, that it does not seem that you have over packed, also you do not fall short of any commodity when you migrate overseas. Here is an elaborate list of […]

25Oct 2017
Life lessons you learn from overseas- study aboard- overseas education- shine consultancy- coaching- ielts- pte-toefl- gre-gmat- sat-training center- coaching center

Lessons You Would Learn When You Face Challenges Overseas. There are a lot of important lessons; you shall learn when you migrate overseas for your study or internship programmes. Here are those three very important lessons learned by various students that have either worked or studied abroad.   1.Why and How to find the perfect […]

18Oct 2017
Punctuality- Shine Consultancy- study abroad -overseas education- ielts coaching centre - pte coaching centre- toefl coaching centre- sat coaching centre- gre coaching centre- gmat coaching centre- sat coaching centre- borivali

Why Is Punctuality Important? Punctuality is a very important virtue especially in your student lives. To make it on time or five minutes before time proves to be very beneficial for you in many ways. Here are the reasons why punctuality is important in student life:   Find time to multitask: To support your finances […]

11Oct 2017
Scholarship programs in Australia - Shine Consultancy- study abroad- overseas education- ielts training - gre- gmat coaching- sat- toefl- pte- coaching center in borivali- mumbai

Scholarship Programmes In Australia. Australia Awards Scholarships: Australia Awards Scholarships, were earlier known as Australian Development Scholarships (ADS).They are basically long-term development awards that are governed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. They provide opportunities for people hailing from developing countries, especially those which are located in the Indo-Pacific region, to undertake full-time […]

04Oct 2017
Open Letter to every study abroad aspirant- Shine Consultancy- Study abroad- Overseas education-ietls-gre-gmat-sat-toefl-pte-coaching center- borivali

Open Letter To Every Study Abroad Aspirant. Dear Champ, You have taken the best decision for yourself. Not many people take their careers so seriously and work so keenly on personal growth. There would be a lot of people, asking you to drop your idea.Many people would ask you to give up the idea because […]

20Sep 2017
Why is hiring a consultant importantShine Consultancy- study abroad -overseas- education - rise and shine- test preparation- ielts- gre- gmat- sat- toefl-pte- coaching center- borivali- mumbai

Reasons Why You Must Hire An Overseas Education Consultant.  Immigration and overseas education require a great deal of accuracy and process. Even the slightest mistake is enough for you to get your visa rejected. Here are reasons why you must hire someone like us and make it to your dreams. Gain coaching. You would have […]

13Sep 2017
Why one must do MBA- Shine Consultancy - Study abroad- overseas edcatiion-ielts-pte -toefl-gre- gmat- sat- pte- coaching

Why One Must Do MBA Overseas. India is undergoing a business revolution. It has become extremely easy for people to create their own little start-ups and find funding. Make In India has now become one of the most popular slogans this year. India has the world’s youngest population and is a great potential market for any […]

06Sep 2017
How to correct stammering and other speech problems for visa interviews- Shine Consultancy- shine consultancy- overseas education- ielts-pte-toefl-gre-gmat- sat- coaching- training

How To Correct Stammering And Diction For Better Interviews. Improper diction or constant stammering can be a huge blow down to your confidence. A lot of people around the world despite knowing English well do not utter a sentence or two due to their lack of confidence. Here is a blog on how you can […]

30Aug 2017
uk- shine Consultancy- overseas education- Study abroad- ielts- pte- toefl- gre - gmat- sat- toefl- coaching- test preparation

Top 5 Countries For Overseas Education. 1) Australia Placing at the top of the Education Index in the United Nations’ Human Development Report, Australia consists of 24 million students that will complete 20-plus years of schooling Australia also admirably supports teachers and professors. Australia provides special incentives to teachers taking rural fellowship and, according to […]

23Aug 2017
Gymkhana london - Shine Consultancy - study abroad- overseas education- ielts - gre- gmat- sat- toefl- pte- Indian restaurant

Best Indian Restaurant Around The World. You might have a tough time, finding a food joint that calms your taste buds craving for some delicious Indian Food. Indian cuisines, lace your tongue with their unique silken saltiness and mildly spicy after tastes. On a global level there are a few restaurants that taste and feel […]

16Aug 2017
Indian concept that made big in global market_ Shine Consultancy _overseas education_ study abroad_ coaching_ ielts_ gre_gmat_sat_ pte_ toefl_ borivali

Indian Concept That have Made Big in Global Market. It is not just people, but thoughts and ideologies that go overseas. They are like pollens stuck on the shreds of their minds and they shed it wherever they find their permanent shelters. Here are some authentically Indian concepts that are widespread overseas. Low-flame cooking. Low-flame […]

09Aug 2017
Recipes - shine consultancy- study abroad- overseas education- ielts- pte - toefl- gre- gmat - sat - coaching - borivali

Recipes For Indian Student Traveling Overseas. As an immigrant student, managing finances and finding good quality food can be quite a task. Here are a few simple recipes that have low-cost ingredients and are really easy to make. 1) Curd Rice: Ingredients:  250 gmwhite rice, 250 gm yogurt, 5 gm green chillies, chopped,5 gm coriander […]

02Aug 2017
home v/s hotel_ shine consultancy _ study abroad_ overseas education _ ielts_pte_ toefl_ gre _ Gmat

Home Stay V/S Hotel Stay. Apps like Air Bnb and Couch surfing have now broken the market share for many hoteliers across the Globe. When the concept of backpacking trips was introduced, it made a great change in how people looked at traveling. Travel no longer remained an expensive, well-planned experience. It transformed into an […]

26Jul 2017
Task to complete before you leave_ shine consultancy_ study abroad_ overseas education_ coaching center_ ielts_ gre_gmat_sat_pte

Task To Complete Before You Leave.   There are several tasks that you must finish before you finally shift overseas. Here is a check list of errands you must run 90 days before you leave overseas. Make sure you complete them. The following list is applicable to both, immigrants and students.   Book your flight […]

19Jul 2017
Pre tips for the day of flying- Study abroad- Shine Consultancy - overseas education

Pre Tips For The Day Of Flying. Here are a few tasks you must undertake before the day of flight arrives. You certainly do not want to get late or miss your flight and hence these preparations would give you a smooth sailing journey. Prebook your cab. If you have nobody dropping you off, you […]

12Jul 2017
Documents required for visa_ shine consultancy_ study abroad

Documents Required For Visa. A lot of times people applying for the student visa, tend to forget the important must-haves when they are applying. Here are a few documents that you must collect when you commence your journey. A valid passport. A valid passport, states your citizenship and nationality. It is an important Identification proof […]

28Jun 2017
saving sally cover_ Shine consultancy _ study abroad_ overseaseducation

Life-Saving Skills You Must Learn Before You Go Overseas.   Living away from home can be quite tough provided you learn these life-saving skills. Learning these skills can ease your living and settle overseas. Take a look! 1) Cooking.   IT IS A MUST. You might not always get preferred food and tastes when you […]

31May 2017
Dress code_ Shine Consultancy_ study abroad_ visa_ interview

DRESS CODE FOR VISA INTERVIEW Confused about which attire to pick? Well, for a visa interview there is just one strict information for dressing- FORMALS. There are no other questions asked. Yet, we live in a generation that refers to quirk as its middle name.  We can always add style and variations in whatever we […]

24May 2017
Application that will help you overseas_ shine Consultancy _ study abroad

Application that will be helpful overseas Technology has come really handy to us in a lot of ways. We can do almost anything using our mobile phones. World is just a tap away. Here are a few apps which shall help you mend your ways and add ease and convenience when you are trying to […]

17May 2017

What is TOEFL? How to clear it. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is essentially divided into four sections and aims to test the students on their efficiency at English language skills, namely Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. Here are the ways in which you can easily sail through the examination. Reading For […]

10May 2017
ACT_ Study abroad _ overseas education_ Shine consultancy

What is ACT? How to clear it? The ACT college readiness assessment is a standardized test for high school achievement and college admissions in the United States.  Over 1.84 million high school graduates took up this test to get into various colleges in the United States and Canada. Colleges that offer various Under Graduate programmes in […]

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