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You would certainly need a couple of first-hand experiences that would help you understand the real-time experiences of studying abroad. The Shine Consultancy Study Abroad Blog has a wide range of topics covered for you. However, there are multiple independent bloggers that you can read and follow on a regular basis.


Nikki is a backpacker, writer, and blogger. In her introduction, she says there are three things that her audience should know immediately: She is in her 20s. She isn't rich and does not have any scholarships backing her. Travelling is her passion. Nikki quit a 9-5 desk job at a publishing firm to travel the world and utilized her aptitudes to brand herself as a full-time blogger to fund her journeys. She also shares a few tips on backpack traveling and generating an income through blogging.THREE POSTS TO READ:
  • 1.) Three Steps to Affording Travel Without Credit Cards
  • 2.) A Quick Guide to Dublin
  • 3.) Local Eats with Parrilla Tour Buenos Aires


This blog is exclusively dedicated to students who are planning for a course abroad. The examination segment of their blog is updated regularly and covers varied subjects. Posts are composed by their contributors and you can also send in your experiences.THREE POSTS TO READ:
  • 1.) Should I Study in England or Italy?
  • 2.) 8 Most Common Regrets of Study Abroad Alumni
  • 3.) Dear Mom and Dad, I'm Studying Abroad


The Culturalist tries to communicate the personal growth benefits of traveling. They market themselves as a "network of storytellers, travelers, visionaries and changemakers who utilize their words and activities to influence the world we to love a superior place." There are a variety of subjects covered for a variety of audience. Foodie, backpacker, student, curator - there is content for everyone!THREE POSTS TO READ:
  • 1.) Why Millennials Are Choosing Freedom Above All Else
  • 2.) The Best Sustainable Eats in London
  • 3.) Get Cultured - Florence: A Celebration of the City's Art, Food, Music and Dreamy Culture


Becki, the mind behind Borders of Adventure is a British Press award winning travel essayist and a devoted globe-trotter. As you'll see from her accounts, she has an enthusiasm for exploring misunderstood locations like Iran and Palestine and tries to bust some myths. She mentions a lot of educational and examination tips and in addition, has some awesome tips for places like Athens or Finland where students love to travel for a considerable length of time or break.THREE POSTS TO READ:
  • 1.) The Creative Transformation of Athens: Rebuilding a City in Crisis
  • 2.) Things to Do in Dublin: Ireland's Capital of Cool and Culture
  • 3.) What to Do in Shanghai: Where to Escape the Skyscraper Skyline


With the objective of motivating students to travel, The College Tourists shares plenty of effective reads. With various contributors, they have articles on varied topics. They are also a proud partner to the Generation Study Abroad initiative organized by the Institute of International Education.THREE POSTS TO READ:
  • 1.) 10 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in College
  • 2.) 10 Amazing Day Trips You Can Take From London
  • 3.) 10 Tips for an Amazing Shanghai Study Abroad Experience

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