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UK is one of the most reputed nations when it comes to education. A degree under it’s Universities can take you places and help you get really well-paying jobs in the future. Apart from education there is a wonderful and intellectually enriching experiences that you can get in the country. Here are a areas that […]

SAT or Scholastic Aptitude tests are widely used as a standard for higher studies in many universities abroad. Over 1.69 million high school graduates in the class of 2015 took this examination. Right after your schooling, this test provides you a better exposure and utilization of your abilities. Most universities and colleges under The United […]

Soon all the students, applying for their overseas education would be drafting their fresher resumes and statements of purpose. It is important that you build an impactful fresher resume. When we use the term “fresher” it is understood that you do not have a significant job experience. However in your student career, there are a […]

Once you travel abroad for education, you might have to start building a community. You need to know the people around and make new friends. However, building a good report with the faculty members has great benefits. Here is a small article that expresses how and why it is important to build connections with your […]

In the current times, if you wish to acquire a medical education of great standards than there is absolutely no place like London. UK currently is transforming a lot of students into competent medical professionals. Here are the 5 reasons why you must pick London as your destination if you are a medical student.   […]

You might have heard a lot of times from the elders in your family that the millennials(Born around or after 2000) are a spoilt lot. People do not agree with the choices we make, the food we eat or the music we listen to. However, this is the best time to exist. We have a […]

There must always be a way in which you can give back to the world. While you migrate overseas for education and progress, a short course of volunteering work shall help in a lot of ways and enrich your overseas experience. Here are a few reasons why you must consider one such experience:   GET […]

Residence can be a concern when you are trying to shift overseas. More than you, your parents stay a little worried about the same as they have provided you the best they could and want to ensure that you continue getting the same. Lot of us have relatives residing in the countries where we migrate […]

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