Busting the Myths of Study Abroad

As an educational consultancy, we find a lot of young and bright minds backing out of a great career that awaits them on an international scale. There are a lot of doubts and myths that cloud their mind when it comes to taking the final call. Our counsellors are trying their best but they also cannot make the horse drink the water. Here are some common myths that came across our way and we have tried to bust them with the best of our knowledge and resources. Do not let anybody come in the way of a great career you deserve.1) “I CAN’T AFFORD IT!”This happens to be the biggest fright and the reason why many people do not take the right ladder to life. There are huge numbers of financial aids that are available for academically bright candidates. You can get access to many of these through different social bodies and enterprises. To name one, Infosys is an institute that gives out many financial aids.2) “I will get homesick”Independence is all a young mind asks for. Once you quit your comfort zone, you learn and discover wonderful things that world has in store for you. Away from home, you learn the value of the relationships that await you back home, which you might be taking for, granted right now. A more independent and self-sufficient life is very important for a perfect life. Technology has also made it possible for many of you to reconnect with your families and you can communicate with them in real time.3) “I would face the language barrier”There are too many language tutorials that are established in different cities. You can always enrol yourself with one of them. Due to genius software designs, the internet makes it extremely easy for you to learn a new language. You can also go to a Crossword and find yourself books of translation and linguistic guidance that are available over there in plenty. You can listen to songs or international radio to learn them as well.4) “I would not settle in the new atmosphere.”The human mind is very well trained and can adapt to changes quite easily. Change is all you have lived in the years of your existence. Once you go to a different environment, your emotions will support you to develop relationships and help you adjust the environment. The intensity of seasons will also vary but your body will learn to adjust that too.5) “I will not be able to get good grades and stand up to their standards.”When you spend a great deal of money and time on an aspect, you automatically feel very responsible and sincere towards your goals. This motivation leads you towards a more focused and goal oriented study. This will prevent you from getting involved into bad company or influence and save you from indulging into any forbidden activities.

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