Benefits of being a millenialYou might have heard a lot of times from the elders in your family that the millennials(Born around or after 2000) are a spoilt lot. People do not agree with the choices we make, the food we eat or the music we listen to. However, this is the best time to exist. We have a few points that suggest the same.
  1. Growing up in a globalised world: We always had an easy access to international brands and experiences and have always had a high standard of living. Only great quality impresses us and we are very respectful towards each other’s feelings and opinions. World for us is certainly a smaller place.
  2. Striving to be extraordinary: There is an increasing competition in the world we are born in. There are no short cuts and we simply can’t afford being average or mediocre. We have to put in our efforts, strive to perfection and be the best at what we do.
  3. Education is accessible and mandatory: The literacy rates have only gone higher since the generations passed. From the luxury of the rich, famous and intellectual, education has become the bare minimum or rather a fundamental right for every citizen across the globe. Education facilities have reached the most internal of villages and If anybody wishes to study in a country other than their homeland, than it is highly possible and you only need to be a bright candidate.
  4. We are natively digital: A world of handwritten letters, gramophones and telegrams only exist in the fond memories of our parents. We have great technology surrounding us, right from the time we were born and our lives have only got simpler. Any information is at our fingertips and free to access. However we also fear that an A.I can take away our jobs still, that day is far to come and we can always build specialization using our right brain.
  5. Increase in the service sector: While huge machines and A.Is have replaced workers in the industrial sector, the service sector has seen a tremendous growth. Due to this, aspects like communication skills, management acumen and cognitive competence have gained a lot of importance. Hence any kid at a primitive stage can trained for these skill oriented abilities and can be transformed into a fully functional professional.

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