Tips for the last minute exam preparation. If your exams are a few months away and panic is all over your mind, here are some great ways in which you can solve the last minute anxiety and gain confidence.
  1. Focus on the parts carry weight – obviously, you should cover a gigantic syllabus involving very nearly 15 sections of every subject. However, there are going to be areas where you would need more attention to details. Observe previous patterns and highlight those areas. A few days before the examination, you can run your eyes on them and improve your scores.
  1. Attend revisions and solve difficulties – Sometimes, our teachers clarify a difficult part in such a way, that you would hardly require any time to master it. If you have time, you can call or meet your teacher and address your doubts and questions. Truth be told, you will begin resting easy and certain if you hear some uplifting words from your teacher.
  1. Start revising the class notes – Make a timetable with the assurance that you will spend no less than an hour for going through your class notes. Ensure that the notes cover the key territories from where a decent number of questions can arise. It will be better if you refer to those notes a day before your examination as well.
  1. Take your rest seriously– A human cerebrum performs the best when it is provided adequate rest. Along these lines, you should have quality rest which will wipe off all your pressure and tension. Eight hours every day, shut your eyes and rest well.

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