Pros and ConsThe IELTS test is required for various reasons such as migration to nations like the US, Canada and Australia or receiving a confirmation in 2 universities or more. The test is considered as a brilliant standard for measuring a student's English fluency capacities. This enables the authorities to decide whether the individual can incorporate into his new biome. Many students prefer studying in a group and helping each other grow and progress. Here are some Pros and Cons of studying in a group for IELTS.The benefits of group study: 
  1. A chance to connect with different students and check your own level of planning.
  1. Picking up inspiration from your companions when you are feeling drooped or not sufficiently sure.
  1. You can enhance your conversation abilities by talking with alternate students when you study in a group.
  1. You can receive tips on IELTS preparation, which can help you in your planning from different students in your gathering.
  1. You might be some person who requires an outer push to think about as the majority of us seem to be, in such a situation, being a participant in the gathering can be used.
 Disadvantages of group study : You may discover the group study technique a drawback if you, 
  1. Are a student who wants no or minimum distractions while studying.
  1. Are an introvert who takes time to open up and cannot really contribute to the process.
  1. Feel that your teammates are ahead of you or lagging behind. In both the situations, you prefer to study alone.

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