How To Correct Stammering And Diction For Better Interviews.

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Improper diction or constant stammering can be a huge blow down to your confidence. A lot of people around the world despite knowing English well do not utter a sentence or two due to their lack of confidence. Here is a blog on how you can work on your diction and battle speech problems like stammering or constant word repetition.

  1. Consider Taking a Speech Therapy

There are a lot of speech therapists that study and examine your speech problems and try to solve it at the root of it. They also have a proper method of improving the speech problems and you will notice a significant change in your confidence levels.

  1. Watch Movies and Sing Along.

You can surf plenty of English songs on multiple platforms online. All you have to do is select a favorite genre. There are plenty of them to pick up with such as Jazz, Pop, Rock, Metal etc. You can listen to them and sing along on the go.

When you watch Hollywood movies, turn on the captions. You can also watch a lot of T.V Series that have amazing story lines and interesting plots. Follow the captions and listen to the dialogues carefully. You will be able to decipher various accents and learn correct pronunciations of various English words.

  1. Read Out Loud.

You can read out loud the hoardings or bill boards. You can also pick up a novel and read it out loud. This process requires ample amounts of practice but it is very effective in the complete removal of stammering or other speech problems.

  1. Make Frequent Conversations.

Earlier you might face severe confidence issues but it will just get better. Make English-only with your friends and family members. If you know someone who has an impeccable linguistic ability, take time out with them and have conversations on various topics with them. It can be your faculty, friends or co-workers. They will also correct your pronunciation mistakes and it will slowly increase your confidence. Take part in group discussions, debates or theatre activities. This shall also enhance your linguistic abilities.

  1. Reflect.

Reasons to such problems are mostly related to confidence issues. Sit with yourself and work on your confidence.  Give your best shot in everything you do and aim getting the best results. Once you have figured out the underlying cause watch online videos or talk to a friend or mentor about it. Once those issues are resolved you can go back and sharpen your linguistic abilities with greater efficiency.

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