What is ACT? How to clear it?


The ACT college readiness assessment is a standardized test for high school achievement and college admissions in the United States.  Over 1.84 million high school graduates took up this test to get into various colleges in the United States and Canada. Colleges that offer various Under Graduate programmes in Canada and USA consider this test as the index to a student’s eligibility. The total score in ACT is 36.

Here are some ways in which you can easily clear the ACT examination.

  1. Do Not skip questions.


Attempt every question in every segment of the test. Leaving a question can cause you huge losses. Do not skip a question especially in English. You can attempt to the tough questions later on but make sure you attend to them.

  1. Choose the most appropriate answer.

ACT always looks forward to crisp and précised answers. Make sure you have ample writing practice before you actually start answering. You have to make your answers look much scrutinised and to the point. A little irrelevance can lose you marks.

  1. Read The Passage properly.

The answer lies right in the passage if you look for it. You can replicate the exact words as well. This portion has a zero scope of spelling mistakes and you can score your best.

  1. Be Careful With No Change Answers

On questions for ACT English that ask you to choose the answer that makes a sentence grammatically correct, you will have the option to pick “no change”. This is a dangerous choice because if you aren’t aware of more obscure grammar rules, you might be tempted to choose it on some questions where the sentence actually can be improved.

5. Start with Your Strengths


The ACT Reading section is always structured the same way with four topic areas in the same order that each correspond to a passage or pair of passages i.e Prose fiction/literary narrative, Social science, Humanities, Natural science. Make the most of it by answering to the section where you have enough competence.


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