Ways to Fund Yourself while studying abroadYour parents or sponsors might have borrowed huge loans or may have made a major investment to send you for a course overseas. It is highly important that you figure how to earn while studying and handle your finances well to gain self-dependence and financial dependence too.
  1. Find freelance assignments: There are a lot of web platforms where you can upload your skills and gain some leads. You can do these assignments in the comfort of your home or college library and generate some extra income. Do check the local laws before you set up your clientele. Intellectual property rights, differ from country to country.
  2. Find A Part-time job: A part-time job that sinks in well with your university hours and provides you some extra income sounds just perfect. It isn’t un-common and you would find that lot of other students from our country do it on a regular basis. It also adds up to a great work experience and develops communication and management skills. Pro tip: Learning the local language increases your chances of getting hired.
  3. Look for on-campus jobs: You can work and study in the same campus and there wouldn’t be any job, more convenient. This way you would also get familiar with the functioning of the university and connect with the faculty and staff members on campus. You can certainly do it in the initial times of your academic year.
  4. Sell Unnecessary Items: Books, souvenirs, stationary etc. can be sold or auctioned at platforms like E-bay. There are also pre-loved fashion websites where you can sell clothes, shoes, jackets and sweaters if they are in a good condition and you do not wear them.
  5. Organise Sales: Is there any art that you are great at? Such as glass painting, quilling, pottery or graffiti? You can always upload your pieces on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, E-bay or set up a small stall where people can have a look at your work and buy the same. If there is a service you are good at, for example event management, help a few friends or neighbours to organise a small house party with your mind blowing ideas and charge for the same.
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