Prepare For Entrance Exams:

1. Create a practical study plan

Planning is an analytical task that requires practicality and introspection.Know your mind’s receptivity and level of engagement. Give tough subjects the higher priority. Let execution follow as strictly as possible. A planned system of studying is a sure way to success.

2. Do the SWOT analysis.

SWOT as commonly known stands for Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats. Know the forces of your spirit that drive you towards your goals and know the pocketful temptations that might distract you. A clear concept of self-facilitates better focus hence helps better results. ENTRANCE EXAM PREPS_Shine consultancy_ Study abroad

3. Go Beyond The Pages.

There are millions of options for clearer understanding online if the second tab does not read “Facebook”. View study videos on YouTube or some get answers to the toughest questions on Quora. Jagran Josh, WordsToUse orThyrsus is great options for a more legible learning. Such websites provide visual cues that are really important when you suddenly forget a concept or definition during the exam. Internet has made it possible to combine sight and sound for a clearer recall. Such unique systems of learning are not supported by scary looking textbooks.

4. Question a question thrice in your head.

Some questions can prove to be really tricky. They might appear as demanding one answer but really they might have a different key to the lock. Such questions are bait for the examiners to pull out the incompetent candidates. Read a question carefully before penning down the answer have the assurance of it being true.

5. Rejuvenate Your Mind

It just takes a single attempt for a winner to succeed. Engage yourself in spirituality and meditation in your free time. This will increase your emotional strength and competence. Your ability to remember will bloom to its best. Give your mind at least 7-hour sleep to register and organise the entire day’s hard work.

6. Practice previous year papers

It is highly possible that none of the papers of the previous years is repeated when you sit to write your attempt. Yet, revising previous year’s papers will help you getting acquainted with the paper style and format of the questions. It will increase your comfort and confidence while writing the paper. You will also get the hack of tricky and twisted questions that you often lose marks to.

7. Eliminate

Whenever in doubt use method of elimination to your rescue. Start by eliminating two options which have the least possibility of being correct. Sometimes irrespective of the question, the fact contained in the options itself can be used to eliminate them.Selecting a final answer out of the two is sometimes tricky and if it’s worth the risk you can go with your instinct at times.

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