Documents Required For Visa.

Documents required for visa_ shine consultancy_ study abroad

A lot of times people applying for the student visa, tend to forget the important must-haves when they are applying. Here are a few documents that you must collect when you commence your journey.

  1. A valid passport.

passport _ Shine Consultancy_ study abroad_overseas education

A valid passport, states your citizenship and nationality. It is an important Identification proof and you must ensure it’s validity. If the passport has a picture of you which is really old or does not resemble your current appearance, you must get it updated.

  1. Offer letter of the university applied at.

offer letter_ Study abroad_ Shine Consultancy

Once you are selected as an eligible candidate at an overseas education firm, you shall receive an offer letter that states your acceptance as a student. Handle that document with extreme care.

  1. Application fee payment receipt.

     Fee receipt_ Study abroad_ Shine Consultancy_ overseas education

The visa application fee receipt is an important document. Make sure you do not lose it. Do not forget to carry it for the interview.

  1. A passport sized photo.

    passport size pictures_ Shine Consultancy_ study abroad_overseas education

You would need copies of it at a lot of places when you apply for a course overseas. Do not use already processed photographs. Dress up formally and visit a photo booth. Make sure the picture is clear and presentable. Collect at least 20 copies of them.

  1. Documents that prove your eligibility for the visa.

    entrance exam_ IELTS_TOEFL_PTE_ Study abroad_ Shine Consultancy

Additional documents such as Scholastic and Co-scholastic achievements, marksheets, scores of the TOEFL, SAT, GRE, or GMAT etc. prove if you are the eligible candidate. Make sure you organize them year wise and present them in a neat manner.

  1. Proof of your intent to depart.

It is essential for them to have the assurance that you wouldn’t settle down in the country permanently and leave once the course is done. Have a meeting with your consultant and discuss the list of the documents that will prove so. Collect them as soon as possible. Make sure you also reflect this intent in your visa interviews.


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