How Our Culture Teaches Us Humility.

Culture Of Humanity_Shine Consultancy_ Study abroad Our culture teaches us humility, peace and integrity. In many ways we are the most benevolent and welcoming race of people. It is quite essential to carry this tradition forward when we travel overseas. Here is a small list of ways in which our cultural roots will help us having a better life overseas.

1) Namaste!

Namaste_Culture Of Humanity_Shine Consultancy_ Study abroad We bow down with respect to one and all. Humility in spite of prosperity and knowledge is expected from every Indian. This shall help you make more friends and develop your relations with your faculties. You would quickly adjust to a new place with that attitude.

2) We Are Tolerant to Every Religion.

religious tolerance_Shine Consultancy_Overseas education_StudyabroadA person from every race, religion, caste and community resides in India. From Zoroastrians to Mughals every race was sheltered by our motherland. This shows that we are tolerant and extremely friendly. Friendliness and tolerance helps you blend in a country like a localite. You would never feel homesick and estranged due to this.

3) We believe in sharing

India has an age-old tradition of sharing and caring. From our land to our emotions, we have exchanged every possible aspect of our being with the world. This makes us selfless, flamboyant and giving. Keeping this attitude we will be able to gain more intimacy with people living around us.

4) We are trained to speak in multiple languages.

speak in multiple languagesr_Shine Consultancy_Overseas education_StudyabroadApart from their mother tongue, almost every child in India can speak in Hindi and English. Knowing at least three languages while growing up, it becomes very easy for an Indian to pick up languages and start talking fluently in them after sometime. This helps us getting along with the crowd quite nicely.

5) We are street smarts.

streetsmarts_homelogo_Shine Consultancy_Overseas education_StudyabroadDue to our educational systems and exposure we have the habit of working hard and exploring opportunities on our own. We can deal with real life problems very smoothly as we are trained to do so from a very early age. This enables us to face any kind and intensity of problem overseas. It makes us more confident as people and we can approach professors and employers very easily.

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